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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Hemp Harmony CBD Bath Bomb.

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Rejuvenate CBD bath bomb WishList
Revive CBD Bath Bomb WishList

CBD Bath Bomb

New and inventive CBD products are being released on a regular basis but one of the most resent on the market is the CBD Bath Bomb, a luxurious way to add CBD via your skin whilst relaxing after a hard day.

CBD and skin care might sound a little strange combination but external applications are becoming very popular because of its anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits. CBD is a skin-loving ingredient so it makes complete sense to add it to your daily routine.

Hemp Harmony CBD Bath Bomb

It couldn’t be simpler a CBD bath bomb is simply a bath bomb infused with CBD.

CBD comes from the cannabis plant and is non-psychoactive, CBD stands for cannabidiol. CBD is one of hundreds of cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD is completed safe, as long as you are buying from a reputable dealer and they have been third party lab tested.

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. A common misconception is that CBD is marijuana. Cannabidiol is only one of the many compounds that make up the cannabis plant. The cannabidiol compound is extracted as oil, commonly referred to as CBD oil, a low tetrahydrocannabinol product.

CBD has been used for human consumption for quite some time now, and in addition to the ingestion of pure CBD oil, people are finding more creative ways to take CBD in the form of CBD infused food and drinks. The development of CBD drugs is also underway, given its reported potential in the treatment of some health issues.

Our bodies already have an ECS (endocannabinoid) system, an extremely important molecular system that your body uses to regulate and perform various critical functions. CBD binds to the receptors in the system as our bodies were designed to interface with cannabinoids from the very beginning. When CBD is ingested, it stimulates the production of extra endocannabinoids, which can help the ECS to run better. In this way, CBD can support an active and healthy lifestyle to keep you feeling your best.

So Why Use CBD Bath Bombs?

The largest organ on the human body is the skin and it is pack full of ECS receptors so when you apply CBD directly to the skin it can reach localized cannabinoid receptors and act on specific parts of the ECS to keep your skin healthy.

Bathing with CBD bath bombs will take relaxing up to another level. It will allow the CBD to soak into the skin and reach the ECS system allowing your body some minor health benefits while you sit back and relax.

While the benefits of CBD bath bombs have not been proven, the topical & oral use of CBD products have been scientifically proven to provide greater mental and physical well-being.

They can improve blood flow, clear the sinuses, and encourage mental wellbeing by reducing stress. Add in some CBD, and you’re killing two birds with one stone! Plus, they are an excellent way to improve any bath time experience. Watching them effervesce as they release stunning scents is incredibly satisfying.

Relax, Refresh, Recharge

How to use a Hemp Harmony CBD Bath Bomb

 It couldn’t be easier, simply peel off the cellophane and drop into the water and be memorised as it fizzes away….

Enhance you CBD Bath by adding

CBD Face Mask

All of the beneficial compounds in our face mask start to absorb into your skin and down into your muscle tissue just as soon as the mask touches your skin. Transdermal absorption takes place instantly so before you know it you’ll be in CBD bliss.

It only takes about 10 minutes for the majority of these impressive ingredients to leave the mask and absorb into your skin, so you there is no need to make a big deal out of it. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a warm leisurely bath at some point in the process, because you most certainly should!

CBD+FX Night Mask
CBD+FX Face Mask

Relaxing Music

Lay back and put on your favourite relaxing music play list. It reduces stress, reduces a person’s perception of pain, helps with sleep and improves brain functions.

Listening to music can have tremendous relaxing effects on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have beneficial effects on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure and decreasing the level of stress.


Choose your favourite scent, place them around your bath and turn the lights down. Relax…

Erth Hemp Body Butter
Lip Balm Strawberry Prosecco

CBD Beauty

Finish your bath by adding CBD skin care, moisturiser, sun cream and lip balms.

Hemp Harmony CBD Bath Bombs


An accumulation of refreshing fragrances that will restore your body. Recharge your internal batteries and refresh your senses.

Fragrance: Lemongrass, Mandarin, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.

Refresh CBD bath bomb WishList
Revive CBD Bath Bomb WishList


A crisp peppermint fragrance softened with notes of lavender and zesty tangerine that revives the senses.

Fragrance: Peppermint, Tangerine and Lavender


Our bath bomb combines sweet and sharp fragrances to accumulate to a rounded balanced aroma that will rejuvenate you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Fragrance: Orange Sweet, Tangerine, Lemongrass, Cedar wood

Rejuvenate CBD bath bomb WishList

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax....

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